The President’s Sequester vs The GOP Default Strategy

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President Obama signed the Budget Control Act in 2011 to resolve the debt-ceiling crisis caused by the GOP, a crisis which threatened to lead the United States into sovereign default and ultimately caused our national credit rating to be downgraded. To the Republicans who would like nothing better than to blame the President for every spot of trouble that their Party has forced this country into, I say this: I assure you the American people have not forgotten who is actually at fault here and you will pay a heavy political price come 2014. Even your partisan gerrymandering can’t save your dying Party.

Yes, the sequester will likely take place despite the best efforts of the Democratic Party to avoid it. The question is, why? There really is only one reason; Republicans refuse to actual govern unless they get their own way. They expect a progressive Democrat like Barack Obama to publically accept their tripe as a reasonable solution to the nation’s difficulties and to essentially stand next to them on their bigoted and outdated platform while simultaneously abandoning the Democratic platform, not to mention his own personal principles.

We must not waiver in our determination and I urge the President not to allow GOP obstruction to alter his path or change his priorities. We must remain dedicated to molding our nation’s social identity into a more liberal form, crafting viable economic plans to ensure long term growth and promoting diplomatic foreign policy that does not rely heavily on a substantial military presence. We will accomplish what we set out to do, even if it means we have to forcibly drag the GOP along by the short hairs while they kick and scream the entire way.


Killing a known terrorist is not a fascist act

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I have read comments by many people who seem to be operating under the assumption that the President’s orders for drone attacks are somehow fascist in nature, which is untrue. Some also believe that al-Aulaqi forfeited his American citizenship when he left the United States and joined al-Qaeda, which is also not accurate.

Let’s start with the citizenship issue. In order to officially and legally renounce your citizenship you must “make a formal renunciation of nationality before a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States in a foreign state , in such form as may be prescribed by the Secretary of State” – Section 349(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)

So, was Anwar al-Aulaqi an American citizen? Yes, no question. He was also guilty of the capital crime of treason for aiding an enemy of the United States. al-Aulaqi moved to Yemen where he held dual citizenship (in fact, the Yemeni judicial system convicted him of plotting murder and ordered his capture in November 2010, dead or alive), joined al-Qaeda and called for jihad against the United States many times. If an American chooses to do this they should expect no less than lethal military force to be used against them. This is not fascism, people, it’s basic common sense.

The conflict in this issue seems to be centered on Anwar’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi, who was staying with Ibrahim al-Banna (also a member of al-Qaeda) when al-Banna was targeted by a military drone strike, resulting in the deaths of both al-Banna and al-Aulaqi. The 16 year old was not the target, however, he simply had no business being in the middle of an al-Qaeda terrorist cell in the first place. c’est la vie.

Raise the Damn Minimum Wage Already

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Let’s take a closer look at why increasing the minimum wage is so important. Currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, making a full time monthly income $1,276.00 at that rate. Let’s assume that the worker will not pay any taxes and will have no transportation costs as they can walk to work. We’ll also assume that they do not use the internet at home, preferring to use the local library and they do not watch TV. Using average costs, here is the breakdown of a single person’s monthly expenses –

Rent: $819.00

Food: $230.00

Gas /Electric: $100.00

Phone: $60.00

Water / Sewer: $45.00

Trash: $40.00

Total Average Monthly Expenses: $1,294.00

This leaves the average US citizen working a minimum wage job with -$18.00 in debt at the end of the month with no money for clothes, personal hygiene products or other essentials. At $9.00 per hour, as the President suggests, their monthly income would increase to $1,584.00, leaving them with $290.00 to help make ends meet (and maybe they will be able to actually take a bus to work if necessary). In short, it is absolutely essential that we raise the federal minimum wage and no argument the Republicans can make will change this fact.

What absolutely floors me is that the GOP then has the audacity to suggest cutting educational programs while simultaneously demanding that if people aren’t making enough money they should simply seek out a better job or somehow come up with the capital to start their own small business (assuming they would know how in the first place).

And so we arrive at the real reason why President Obama was re-elected. The people know that he will continue to fight for educational programs including grants and government loans, not to mention assistance with food and health care as needed while the GOP seeks to cut these programs drastically, programs which the average American has come to rely on because their wages simply do not match their basic needs. Republicans like to categorize people as makers and takers but this is not only inaccurate it is extraordinarily naive.

Perhaps if we made it a requirement for members of Congress to actually visit the working poor their political positions would change fairly quickly. In any case, there is a very good reason why a majority of Americans have become liberal in mindset and it actually has nothing to do with gay rights or abortion (as important as those issues are). It has everything to do with basic survival, something that even the poorest members of Congress have little understanding of on a personal level.

Is the GOP stupid, ignorant or both?

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Mama always said, stupid is as stupid does. From the teapot perspective, I suppose we should say rather that life is like a box of bibles…you never know what you’re gonna git. Is it a good thing that Republicans are willing to shift slightly on their immigration and gun control policies? Of course, and most liberals are happy to see any movement from the Party that has become known for its stubborn refusal to compromise for any reason.

The true problem area between liberals and conservatives is not guns and immigration despite the increased focus. The real problem is social inequality in this country; all American citizens should be treated exactly the same by the leaders of our government, with absolute equality. Republicans talk of re-branding their image but they cannot change the fact that most members of the GOP believe in their hearts that Christianity should be the moral foundation of our nation, disregarding the first amendment entirely. They treat members of the LGBT community as second class citizens and maintain that welfare capitalism needs to be discarded in favor of self-serving political leadership reminiscent of a bad Ayn Rand novel (in my opinion they’re all bad, but that’s beside the point).

When the Republicans finally decide to walk the walk instead of simply talking the talk they can claim to have re-branded themselves successfully. Until then everything they do is about as effective as painting lipstick on a pig.

Kepari Leniata Burned Alive for Witchcraft

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And so the burning times continue unabated. A young woman named Kepari Leniata was recently tortured, branded and burned alive for witchcraft by an angry mob in Papua New Guinea; of course, if the circumstances had been different and the victim had been a Christian nailed to a cross somewhere by an angry mob of non-Christians, I can imagine the worldwide outrage over such an atrocity. Instead, people make foolish comments in an attempt to find humor in this situation or worse, they blame religion itself for the violence in a poorly veiled effort to proselytize for atheism. I call on solitary practitioners and covens everywhere to hold a sacred vigil tonight in honor of Kepari.

As a devout Pagan I am absolutely horrified at this story but I am certainly not surprised. We constantly suffer abuse at the hands of religious bigots, even in ‘enlightened’ nations such as the United States. In case it has been forgotten so quickly, President Bush once commented that witchcraft is not a religion and he firmly believes that all Pagans essentially deserve to burn in Hell. The level of prejudiced venom behind such statements is absolutely disgusting.

The first amendment of our constitution is supposed to protect every religion from legislative persecution and yet every day fundamentalist Christians in elected office make a concerted effort to enshrine their Christian beliefs into our system of laws, both locally and at the state and federal levels. American witches need no longer fear that we will suffer the same fate as Kepari but we must continue to remain vigilant and fight against those who literally seek to convert our freedom into a form of biblical slavery. Blessed Be.

North Carolina Takes the First Steps to Secession

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In their ever widening search for viable ways to distance themselves from the federal government, the GOP run state legislature in North Carolina has decided to reject $600 million in federal unemployment benefits. All in the name of austerity policy that is doomed to fail before it even begins.

Since the southern Republicans feel they can survive without federal support and they apparently want zero federal involvenement in the first place, I say let them go ahead and strike out on their own. One thing is absolutely certain – the GOP won’t be retaining control of the state legislature or the governor’s office for very long once this new policy tanks North Carolina’s economy. Neocons, feel free to dig your own grave. We liberals will be more than happy to bulldoze the dirt over the top of you and plant some trees on your bones.

Republicans have brought the nation to a very sad state of affairs. Many people don’t have the education to strike out on their own in business and many, many people simply cannot afford to move where jobs are easier to come by. Perhaps if the GOP would stop obstructing the President’s initiatives for education and job creation we could find our way back to self-reliance.

For those who believe that the Republicans have secured their positions through gerrymandering and are essentially invulnerable in the south, remember this: gerrymandering will only get you so far and even the dumbest redneck will vote against you if you take away his beer money. – SB

Eric Cantor, Closet Supporter of the Westboro Baptist Church

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“You know, I as a gentleman care very deeply about women in the abuse situation, that we need to get them the relief that this bill offers.That’s what we want to do, that’s our priority, we must move and act on this bill.” – Eric Cantor

The House is actually willing to pass the Violence Against Women Act (as they did in 2012), but only if it leaves out protections for the LGBT community altogether. The truth is that violence is disproportionally aimed at women, minorities and the LGBT community. There needs to be recognition that these groups need additional protection. Also, by having these programs in place our children learn that violence is not okay, unlike those who remain in an abusive environment and learn to accept their abuse and often become abusers themselves.

I am perfectly aware that Republicans like Mr. Cantor do indeed care about protecting women who provide potential breeding stock for their neanderthal GOP brothers. Keeping that in mind Eric, please don’t pretend that you actually care about women in the LGBT community who would never choose to share your limited fundamentalist worldview. At least do them the courtesy of admitting your bigotry publically and openly declaring your true thoughts rather than glossing them over with flowery words designed to distract the public from noticing your real position. You cannot put a positive spin on discrimination Sir, try as you will. The American people choose equality over oppression and as a country we simply will not accept anything less.